Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pistols at Ten Paces

"I say, suh, you have sullied mah honor, and I demand satisfaction. Shall we say pistols at ten paces, at dawn tomorrah?"
--Many Random Southern Murricans from the 18-19th Centuries

Apparently there's now a new "white glove" feature, for challenging people who insult your honor, your alliance, your woman, your ePeen, whatever. Of course, it's purely consentual, and the other player has the absolute right to decline your offer of violence, without penalty.

What's most interesting about it, though, is the last paragraph:
"There’s a number of ideas for building on this in the future. For example, fleet-to-fleet engagements have been suggested as one way to scale up these engagements..."

Well, if we can do that for fleets, why not just take the next logical, "common sense" step in gun ... err, gank-control, and just have PvP flags for people who want fights in hi/lowsec? Why not let them duke it out, and let the rest of us play in peace?
You know the question's going to be asked. So, CCP, do you have an answer? ;-) Better start thinking fast.


  1. Have you read the comments for the Dev blog?

    1. Nope. I threw this up real quick before bed and did not read the comments. I take it there's much lul-worthy fun in there? *goes to read*

    2. Ok, so read thru first 7 pages, so far the comment total is about 3 \o/s, 4 /o\s, and 500 "plz give auto-decline/opt-out feature".

      Confirming EVE playerbase not in lowsec wishes to opt-out of PvP. ;-)